8 Fun Things To Do In Montego Bay, Jamaica

Relaxing out on a floating device in beautiful Mobay waters.

Mobay, or Montego Bay, gives you a whole multitude of activities, from party rocking all night, tropical paradise, and relaxing in a staycation. There’s an activity fit just for your tastes, and from high energy to lowkey, from romantic to family bonding and even a getaway with friends, Jamaica’s Montego Bay got it all for you. 

Here’s the catch, if you can try to spend at least a week there to get the full experience. A whole week (or more!) in Mobay paradise is like the best plan ever. Here are some things you need to do to get the full Montego Bay experience.

  1. Check out Hip Strip. Catchy name for a street lined with bars and resorts, it is also known as Gloucester Avenue, and this is where most of the party happens. Head here for shots, or just people watch as locals and tourists alike go through the shops. 
  2. Traverse along the Elegant Corridor. Neighboring the hip strip are shops selling Jamaican specialty coffee, handmade soaps, oils, and candles. Not limited to tourist and souvenir shops, this place also offers a wide range of shops to visit as well as traditional local food stalls and restaurants.
  3. Listen to Reggae. It’s Jamaica, you’re bound to hear reggae here, and the Reggae Sumfest dubbed “The Greatest Reggae Show on Earth” is the best music festival to listen to it. Local and international artists perform for a large crowd, and it’s all hype and energy. There are also other festivals, such as Bob Marley’s Birthday Bash. A lot of clubs, too, do reggae songs, which gives a chill vibe and a different ambiance. 
  4. Join the Catamaran Cruise. From cruising across the bay, snorkeling, and live music, this is a surefire way to spend the day and maximize your vacation. Indulge yourself and relax on a boat on the water. Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, and a drink in your hand.  
  5. Try the zipline. If you want that heart-pumping adventure, here’s one you will surely enjoy. Feel the adrenaline rush as you whiz past treetops and enjoy a different point of view of the Caribbean coastline. 
  6. Greenwood Great House. Slavery is a large part of the history of Jamaica, and Montego Bay is not an exemption. The past owners of the Greenwood Great House, the Barretts, were benevolent with their people, and their place survived. The place is well preserved, filled with art originals and antiques, and is one of the few remaining Great Houses after the slave rebellion of 1831. The current owners, Bob and Ann Betton, still live in the place.
  7. Visit the Rose Hall. As far as hauntings go, this might be scary as pure evil lived in this house. Get a tour guide to explain to you further about the White Witch as you tour around the great plantation house. If you’re not afraid, you can even take a night tour. It is said that you can still feel the presence of Ann Palmer around the grounds. Creepy but intriguing. 
  8. Play golf. Jamaica is the place to play golf. Out of ten championship courses, five of them are in Montego Bay. All golf resorts and clubs are of world-class quality and offer a great experience to avid golfers, professional or not. 

We haven’t included the beaches, nature trips, watersports, and food yet. Jamaica is truly a top destination paradise, and there’s no denying it. Keep stress-free, and let us plan your trip for you.  Schedule a call today!

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