Terms and Conditions:


  1. We pay our affiliates a one-time ten percent (10%) commission when clients initially hire us to become their personal Travel CEO (Chief Experience Officer).  JTS Vacations will make affiliate payments via PayPal thirty (30) days after the client hires us. Repeat clients are not eligible for a referral fee as they are already known to JTS Vacations after their first experience with us.
  2. We pay our affiliates a one-time five percent (5%) commission per room sold when clients book into one of our hosted group trips. Payable after the final payment has been received from the referred party. If the referring party is traveling on the trip the payout will be applied to their final invoice and if no balance is present or is less than the commissionable amount the difference will be paid via PayPal.
  3. To ensure proper tracking to earn the commission, the client should use your unique affiliate link for tracking purposes. If you are registered, and the client mentions your name as the referring party, then we will use your link when the client hires us so that it is reflected on your dashboard. JTS Vacations will apply your affiliate link only if the client calls us first instead of using your link.



Helpful Tips To Set Yourself Up To Cash In:


  1. Refer people that you know. Most of our business comes from people that are referred to us.
  2. Our primary customer base consists of professional individuals who can do it themselves but are too busy or have no desire to plan their travel experiences. 
  3. Our ideal client spend starts at $2500 per person. If you are looking for a budget trip, then JTS Vacations would not be able to help. We pride ourselves on experiences of a minimum of 4-star quality.

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