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Our proven 3PEG approach has been tailored to optimize your experience.


We customize every detail of your experience, so all of the fine details are covered.


We create individual payment plans to ensure your trip is all paid for before leaving home.


Grab your swimwear, sunscreen, and favorite suitcase.


Before you go, we ensure you are well educated about your trip and destination.


It’s time to make memories!

Complete vacation planning can involve a great deal of time and research. My professional services are based on training, tools, personal experiences, and professional expertise.  We research and customize experiences to meet your specific travel needs, as well as utilize our personal contacts and suppliers to coordinate transportation, draft itineraries and so much more. We curate itineraries and vacation plans that give travelers peace of mind and tremendous time savings.  



Complete a travel inquiry request for our team to determine the best experience that we can curate for you. 


Initial Consultation: After we receive your travel request form we will schedule a complimentary phone consultation for up to 30 minutes.  The consultation is to discuss JTS Vacations, LLC services, and your travel experience and to get to know one another.  Quotes will not be provided during this call.  The consultation call will solely be based on the type of travel you desire and to understand your travel needs to ensure we are a fit to work together. Once we determine we are a match and the planning invoice has been paid, we will then move your request into the actual planning phase of the process. 

Note: The total fee to hire JTS Vacations will be discussed during the consultation.  You can determine at that time if you would like to hire JTS Vacations as your personal travel planner.  


Once the fee had been paid we will begin to curate your customized travel experience using our expertise, tools, and suppliers.  Provide traveler details so that we may curate the experience based on the traveler and hold any potential pricing pending approval of the final itinerary.


You receive a customized proposal sent via email. The proposal will list 3 itineraries for the destination selected for you to choose from that range from an experience level of good, better, or best. The proposal will list all of the payment information to assist you with making the perfect selection.  You will be able to approve, deny, or ask questions about the proposal through the selection process. 


You can approve the proposal and make your deposit via the invoice portal.


We will then reserve the travel curated and start organizing all of the details for your experience. We will prepare you for travel for your upcoming trip.


Once your final payment is made, we will send all confirmations and set you up with our mobile travel itinerary app. Now all you will have to do is pack and show up to your destination.


Return from your vacation feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  We want to hear all about your experience and obtain feedback. We will send over a request about your experience to submit back. Your feedback is valuable to us. 


All planning fees paid to JTS Vacations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Planning Fee: The fee will be depending on the complexity of the travel experience desired. 

Planning fees cover the following:

  • our time and resources researching  available options for the trip; 
  • customizing an itinerary to present as a proposal. The proposal includes one destination and three different four-star or higher resorts to include one revision for the same destination; all the trip components, such as air, transfers, excursions, and travel protection, are also included.  If you want multiple destinations curated to select from, let me know, and I can quote you the price per person to do so.
  • a payment plan that I will create & manage via a client portal
  • access to a personalized itinerary app for real-time updates to your trip
  • informational emails for your upcoming trip to prepare you for the destination
  • any reminders that may be needed
  • preparing you to travel before the trip (Standard Covid and location readiness)

Planning Fees: Discussed during the initial consultation call.  Each experience that we plan is customized to the client and their travel requirements.

Change Request Fee: Starting at $50 per person – must be paid prior to the change being made.

Cancellation Fee: $50 per person – must be paid prior to the reservation being canceled.  

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