Top 11 Things You Can Do To Fully Experience Cancun!

Posing tourist in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a “7”-shaped barrier island, known for its Mayan Culture and Caribbean beaches. But it’s not all history and water adventure here, Cancun is also known for its nightlife, party clubs, and DJs. It can get very noisy and buzzed, especially during Spring Break. 

Here are some of the best places you can go to experience Cancun if you’re in it for the Mayan culture. 

  1. Chichen Itza. One of the most famous Mayan archeological sites, and one of the most crowded tourist spots in Cancun. However, a Mayan culture tour is not complete without a visit to this place. Named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the 7 Wonders of the world, it does deserve its fame. The site boasts a pyramid-like structure that once was a Mayan temple to their god Kukulkan, making it the central hub from the ancient civilization of the Mayas. You may want to come early in the morning to avoid tourist flocks. Don’t forget to bring water and a sun hat! 
  2. El Rey Ruins. If you want to get in touch with history but not with other tourists crowding you, the El Rey ruins can give you that feeling. It was once a central hub for maritime trade back in 1200AD but now serves as an unofficial habitat for wild iguanas. Some tourists even come here to take pictures of the majestic little dinosaurs.
  3. Tulum National Park Archeological Zone. Less famous but not less breath-taking is the Tulum ruins. While its structures are small compared to Chichen Itza, it is better preserved, set against the background of the Caribbean sea.
  4. Ruins of Coba. If you aren’t diligent at looking for local information, you might miss this spot! Large pyramids in a different layout make Coba ruins unique. Word of the wise, this site is vast, so if you plan to tour all of it, it is recommended to rent a bike.
  5. Museo Inah. Mayan deformed Skulls. It should be enough to interest anyone, but for a hardcore museum fan, they also have exhibits of ancient artifacts and local history galleries. 

If you’re in it for the nightlife

  1. Coco Bongo Cancun. Nightlife is not exclusively drinking and dancing and loud music. In Coco Bongo Cancun, the night is spent being entertained by performances and stage antics. The experience may or may not include balloons, confetti, and soap bubbles. This non-conventional bar might not be your ideal place, with no formal dance floor and conga lines, but it sure will be a memorable experience.
  2. Hotel Zone. The party area of Cancun, big DJs, come here to play and rock the crowd. All kinds of music will be heard, and you have a slew of clubs to pick.
  3. Dancer Party Boat. Torn between cruising the waves or partying? Say no more. You get to be on a multi-level boat that offers a restaurant, snorkeling experience, and amazing views all in, with background music fit for dancing. What else is missing? Nothing. 

If you’re in it for adventure

  1. Dive the Great Mesoamerican Reef. There’s no way you can call yourself an adventurer if you would not try diving in the Caribbean waters. This site offers you over 100 types of corals, and more fish than you can count. 
  2. Visit the Museo Subacuático de Arte. Not a relic of the past but equally stunning, this underwater museum features 500 life-size, realistic statues, permanently placed underwater. 
  3. Isla Mujeres. Nothing to do here, and that is what people come to do on the island. Take in a breath of fresh air and a great relaxing experience, away from all the pressure and stress of everyday life. Castaway and feel the sand under your feet. 

Cancun is becoming one of the most in-demand tourist destinations to go to, and you can see why that is. People are coming here for the culture, for the parties, and the scenery. Hop on the phone, and we’ll make this your next exciting getaway.  Schedule a planning consultation today!

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