Travel Local Post-Lockdown

Once it is safe to do so, we will travel again!

COVID-19 has shut down most of the economy and businesses, both local and international. Recently, more and more countries are reopening borders, and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) predicts that travel restrictions will ease up post-lockdown. 

Global Business Travel Association and a new BVK survey on Forbes’ latest article states that travel will most assuredly start domestically, and national travel will take precedence over international flights, whether it is for business or leisure. It may only be some time before we can all travel again, albeit in a new way and only for shorter distances. 

Here are the top 3 destination ideas of where to visit post-lockdown

  1. Miami

Florida is starting to open limited access to their beaches. From the Panhandle to the Space Coast, local governments have closed their shorelines to control the spread of the new coronavirus. South Florida beaches remain close, but the slow reopening of the seashores are symbolic and gives new hope to people. 

Local governments ask tourists not to go crazy at the beaches once they open, and stricter sanctions for hygiene and sanitation will be put in place. 

  1.  Hawaii

Hawaii has reduced airfare and hotel fees but has imposed sanctions to control and keep track of who’s coming in and going out. As long as you follow these imposed new rules, you’re free to go around. 

Take note that hotels and resorts will do their part in monitoring you and your activities. The Hawaii government is teaming up with business and community leaders to create a new normal to stabilize economic recovery.

  1. San Juan

Puerto Rico has imposed one of the strictest lockdowns, which makes sense why they could reopen sooner compared to other places. Even after lockdown, the government is to impose social distancing and curfew to minimize cases.

The lockdown and threat of COVID-19 may seem like forever, but this too shall pass. For now, we can all psych ourselves up by planning for future travels to local sites and help boost the economy by supporting local tourism, travels, and tours. 

Remember to keep your distance, wear your facemask, and wash your hands.

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