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All fees paid to JTS Vacations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Planning Fee: The fee will be depending on the complexity of the travel experience desired. 

Planning fees cover the following:

  • our time and resources researching  available options for the trip; 
  • customizing an itinerary to present as a proposal. The proposal includes one destination and three different four-star or higher resorts to include one revision for the same destination; all the trip components, such as air, transfers, excursions, and travel protection, are also included.  If you want multiple destinations curated to select from, let me know, and I can quote you the price per person to do so.
  • a payment plan that I will create & manage via a client portal
  • access to a personalized itinerary app for real-time updates to your trip
  • informational emails for your upcoming trip to prepare you for the destination
  • any reminders that may be needed
  • preparing you to travel before the trip (Standard Covid and location readiness)

Planning Fees: Discussed during the initial consultation call.  Each experience that we plan is customized to the client and their travel requirements.

Change Request Fee: Starting at $50 per person – must be paid prior to the change being made.

Cancellation Fee: $50 per person – must be paid prior to the reservation being canceled.  

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