Your days are demanding and your are extremely busy.  Are your body and mind desiring an escape? Have you been putting the planning aside because once you come home from the office all you want to do is serve yourself a chilled chardonnay and curl up on your sofa?

Well, why don’t you get the chardonnay AND palm trees swaying back and forth? Better yet, have someone come and serve you that glass of wine as you massage your toes in the sand and your body sinks in plush luxury. . . You deserve to give yourself a chance to be refreshed, to come back home smelling like a well-earned vacation, with tan lines and a big happy smile!

Let JTS Vacations help you plan that perfect vacations. Day in and day out you are planning and working in your office, let ME take this very important task of customizing your next vacation off your hands. Sit back, relax and just wait for departure day! You will fly off to your destination in comfort, safety, and with no worries, because I offer quality, and an unforgettable experience. I am your upscale travel designer.